Paris, France


Paris is known as the city of dreams for tourists seeking a romantic place, beautiful views and mouth-watering cuisine. In addition, the city brings to its visitors streets full of designer brands and stores that are on the wish list of many people.

The city provides several tourist attractions that attract many types of tourists, from romantics to entire families.

Know a little of what to do in this charming city:

Eiffel Tower in Paris

The Eiffel Tower is undoubtedly one of the most visited and postcard spots in the city and pleases the eyes of those who are close or brave enough to admire the view from the top.

Cathedral Notre Dame

The Notre Dame Cathedral is a must visit. It is so beautiful that it has already become a movie location and has inspired great literary arts. It is possible to make the visit in the towers of the cathedral for those who wish to know the view around the place.

Arch of Triumph

Another postcard from Paris that deserves a visit. The monument was built in commemoration of Napoleon’s victories in his battles and is part of a great history of the country.

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